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Consulting for
architectural offices


Consulting moves mountains, not just by believing in it.«

– Lena Meichsner –


Our consulting offer for architectural firms

With our consulting offer we would like to pass on our knowledge and many years of experience in the construction industry to architectural offices. We address both – offices that are in the construction phase as well as already established companies. We are also happy to provide you with intensive support during the establishment of a new firm and support you with individual services.

Together we examine existing structures and adapt them if necessary, we explain individually targeted issues and work out solutions with you. This can be based on general and individual questions, for example from the areas of commercial, management and/or personnel.

Depending on your needs and the logistical possibilities, the consulting can take place online as well as on our or your premises.

We will gladly advise you

Dorothee Kurz

Specialist in the areas of management, company forms, advice on external service providers (tax advisor, insurance, lawyer), billing via HOAI, range of services in architecture, employee management.



Jul Vielmo

Design architect in the areas of check-up of designs and architectural concepts.

Francesca Monteverdi

Specialist in the areas of employee recruiting, employee and staff planning, employee development.

Upon agreement, we can also offer you individual services. Please contact our coaches directly if required.

If you are interested, please contact us directly:


Our work with
BIM and Revit

We are currently experiencing rapid changes in the construction industry. Processes are becoming faster and more complex, while at the same time the demand for efficiency and error-free planning is becoming ever clearer. Is it still possible to keep up with the times and is it worth investing in new technologies?

We at vielmo consulting & mediation say yes! Because the hardest part is often just the beginning, while the benefits are lasting. So take the first step with us and get involved with the BIM method.

Our BIM and Revit offer 

We are happy to offer you our many years of experience and expertise, which we have gained through cooperation with our partners planworks, b.i.m.m., Züblin (Ingolstadt site) and vielmo architekten and have already passed on in various training courses. With us, you will not only gain deep insights into the BIM method*, but we will also teach you how to use the corresponding programs and tools**. We attach great importance to getting to know both the project and your team in order to be able to optimally tailor our program to your needs.

If you are interested, please contact us directly:

* e.g. quantity takeoff, cost calculation, single point of truth, coordination with specialist planners, collision check, model check.

** mainly Revit, Revizto, Bimcollab, Bim360, Navisworks, Solibri, Dynamo, b.i.m.m.. Tools, Tables

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
in architecture

Why settle for a picture when a spatial experience is possible?

Virtual Reality in architecture offers the possibility to experience imagined spaces before they are built and to develop a real feeling for the building. Through VR, details can be noticed, that are otherwise difficult to be spotted in a classic 3D-Model.


Our Virtual Reality offer 

We at vielmo consulting & mediation, together with our partner office vielmo architekten, use the advantages of VR in our daily planning. If you are also interested in using VR as a strategy for your project, we would be happy to offer you our expertise. We can translate your 2D project into 3D planning, ready to be experienced in VR. If you do not have the necessary equipment yourself, we will be happy to visit your office with our equipment or offer you the dedicated space in our office. 


Here are just some of the many benefits of VR in the design process:


  • in the competition phase ideas can be tested through VR

  • in the design phase concepts can be tested through VR

  • proportions can be checked and verified in the model

  • important topics such as materiality, colors and light can be experienced

  • VR helps to bring the project closer to the customer during the acquisition phase

  • Planning meetings between several planners in different locations can take place in the model

If you are interested and would you like to make an appointment to experience VR with us or if you have any questions, please contact us directly:


Structure thanks to
Lean Management

New processes are always emerging in the world of architectural construction. We have experienced both – the transition from hand drawing to computerbased 2D drawing and the step from 2D planning to planning in a three-dimensional model. The main goal of these developments is to increase efficiency while saving time and money and of course avoiding mistakes as early as possible. However advanced current computer programs are the skillful handling of these tools by humans always remains the prerequisite for proper planning. Experts with different disciplines but the same goal: the successful execution of the project.

Our Lean Management offer 

Lean management is the method that we and our partner office vielmo architekten use to approach modern planning with the kanban board as a constant reflection of our processes.

The correct organization of the team, as well as oft its individual project participants therefore is just as important as a clear, transparent communication and the definition of realistic goals. The Lean Management philosophy combines all these approaches in one method and its application benefits each team member in the following ways:

  • visual representation of all steps in the project

  • overview of the entire project and its current development

  • deconstruction of complicated processes into simple, tangible procedures

  • proactive responsibility for tasks is taken by participants

  • the active involvement in the processes lead to an identification with the project and its consequent successes

Based on our intensive work with the method we know that Lean Management makes it possible to keep a constant eye on important key parameters such as costs, capacities, deadlines, milestones and requirements at all times. It is a dynamic method that aims to enable a learning process for each team member by making mistakes visible and a basis for further development. Therefore we believe that the practical application of the Lean method must be tailored to the specific situations of a company. When implementing the method into your company's processes we give great importance to getting to know both – your project and the team involved – in order to be able to structure the method in the best possible way and thus offer the most successful implementation.

If you have any questions about Lean or our offer, you can reach us directly here: