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Benefit from a
personal coaching


I'm happy when it rains

because when I'm not happy

it rains too.«

– Karl Valentin –


Our coaching offer

"I invite you to consult with me."

We understand coaching in a way that we support you in your very individual case in a solution-oriented way. The focus is on working on and with people and follows neither a methodology nor a 'pattern F'. We follow the principle of dialogue instead of diagnostics and research partners instead of expert advice. 

Our coach, Dorothee Kurz, will accompany you like a 'mountain guide' and show you the path you are allowed to take yourself. After defining your concern, she will dive into the joint work with you and offer you support to solve your questions. In doing so, she draws on her own experience, intuition and firm belief in life, nature and and its laws. The offer is also suitable for groups.

Individual and/or group coaching:

  • Optimizing the professional career (reorientation, career development, setting and pursuing goals)

  • Improvement of existing groupsdynamics and/or conflict resolution

  • Holistic lifestyle and nutrition coaching (with a focus on localization in everyday business life)

  • stress reduction in everyday life

  • Building inner strength and resilience with strengthening of self-esteem and self-efficacy

  • Pursuing an authentic Lifestyle 

  • Dissolving old patterns and developing mindfulness

Please note that this work does not replace psychological care and we cannot treat or care for people who are addicted or mentally ill. Our aim is to help you create awareness of your life and your path.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:


Resolve conflicts through professional mediation

Even in the best construction projects it happens that due to unexpected circumstances the interests of the involved parties diverge. In this case, the previously agreed regulations or contracts do not always help, as these can have gaps in special cases. This might lead not only to disputes, but in the worst case to delays in the entire planning and construction process, which means unnecessary additional costs for the client.

Our mediation offer

What's often forgotten in a conflict is that most of the times it only takes a sensible compromise to find back on track. But as long as everyone insists on their perceived right progress remains impossible to be made. Because as Heinz von Foerster said, »The truth is the invention of a liar.«

The mediator's task is therefore is to remind all parties involved of this fact, to enable them to take a step towards each other and to find a common way out of the problematic situation. The mediator acts as a pilot who accompanies the parties while they find their own way to continue the project. In doing so, he/she proceeds according to the 'iceberg principle', which means that the causes of the communication difficulties are not searched superficially but far below the surface. Because of that mediation is suitable for all stages of a project. It is often helpful to already involve the mediator in the beginning of a project in order to accompany the cooperation between the participants in a preventive way.


The following advantages can be particularly emphasized in the involvement of a mediator in the project:

  • it preserves the relationships of the participants long term

  • it saves unnecessary costs

  • it creates planning security for all participants

  • it relieves the participants emotionally

  • it ensures future cooperation between the parties involved

  • in the event of a dispute, it ensures that common satisfactory ways will be found fast

  • when involved in the entire process of a project, the presence of a mediator ensures clear communication between the involved parties


Dorothee Kurz, our certified business mediator and dispute solver in the field of construction and real estate, offers to act as a mediator for you in the event of a dispute and/or to accompany your construction project as a pilot from the very beginning and thereby enabling a solution-oriented, non-partisan and neutral united progress.

If you are interested in the offer or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Feedback from our clients

»The external conditions, the environment of the coaching was extremely pleasant, so that from the beginning the personal well-being, the concentration and the necessary trust have fit perfectly. During the coaching there was a very good atmosphere, which made it very easy to work with Ms. Kurz. Together we were able to work out many answers for me and I took away valuable ideas. I can imagine repeating this if necessary! The coaching took place on July 2nd in Stuttgart and I will remember it positively for a long time.«

J. Nufer-Thiel

Your contacts

If you are interested in coaching, please contact us with a short messagen Description of your request to our expert:


Dorothee Kurz

CEO | Systemic Coach | Dispute Solver |

Certified Business Mediator

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